Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How to choose a great D'var Torah

The first thing I do to choose a great D'var Torah for the weekly Parsha is select some Seforim that cover a broad section of Yiddishkeit: Chassidus, Mussar, Medrash. One of my favorites is Ma'ayanah shel Torah, The Wellsprings of Torah, which is also available in English. It contains Divrei Torah from various Jewish scholars. I scan the authors for the current Parsha and take the length of the commentary into consideration as well. A good D'var Torah won't be too long or too short. I want to capture the reader's attention but not lose them before the point is made.

Other good sources for Divrei Torah on the Parsha are stories from the Medrash and Gemara. Tales of Tzaddikim presents wonderful lessons from our Sages in the context of each weekly Parsha. They are perfect for your Shabbos meals! It is geared towards children, but it can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

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Where do you go to find excellent Divrei Torah?

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