Thursday, August 5, 2010

Parshas Re'eh 5770 - Yeshaya 54:11-55:5

Afflicted, storm-tossed one -her heart is stormy from all of the tragedy that has befallen her. Tha Navi is delivering Hashem’s words to the city of Yerushalayim itself- who has not been consoled: Behold, I will set down gems as your stones -I will place gems under your floors and cover them with tile- and lay your foundation with sapphires.

I will set your window -frames- with gems -rubies- and -I will make- your gates with Ekdach -Carbuncle- stones and all your borders with desirous stones. -the types of stones that everyone wants to own. Not only Yerushalayim, but even the border cities will be covered with precious stones-

And all your children will be students of Hashem -like in Sefer Yirmiya where it says Man will no longer teach his friend saying, ‘Know Hashem’, for they will all know Me. They will all have faith in Hashem to the extent that there will no longer be any argument about such matters and therefore,- [and] your children's peace will be abundant.

Establish yourself through righteousness -the rebuilding of Zion will be completed through righteousness, the proper behavior between man and Hashem- Distance yourself from oppression -do not take the money of others like the wicked. You have no need for this because you have no fear of being oppressed and impoverished- for you need not fear it, and from devastation for it will not come close to you.

Behold, they may gather together -against you- but not from Me -not at My command. Although others have gathered against you at My command, like Sancheriv and Nevuchadnezzar, these nations Gog and Magog are gathering against you without My command- Whoever gathers against you will fall.

Behold, I have created the smith who fans his charcoal flame and creates a tool for his work and I have created a destroyer to demolish -I am the one who incited the enemy against you. But I am also the one who punished that enemy-

Any weapon -sharpened against you- will not succeed -no one will be able to damage you- and any tongue that rises up against you in judgement you will find guilty -they will leave the judgement guilty and you will be innocent. They will not be able to cause you physical damage or verbal damage- This is the inheritance of the servants of Hashem and their righteousness comes from Me -so- says Hashem.

Ho -this word is like an invitation- all who are thirsty should go to the water -Torah- and those that have no money should go buy and eat. Go buy wine and milk -Torah is a better purchase than wine or milk- without money and without price -the wisdom of Torah can be acquired without money-

Why do you weigh out money for no bread and your efforts with no satisfaction? -why do you toil to learn non-Torah wisdom that doesn’t benefit you. These intellectual pursuits are not referred to as ‘bread’ because they don’t provide sustenance to the body or soul- Listen well to Me and you will eat well -the wisdom of Torah is referred to as 'Tov'- and your soul will delight with fat -with rich foods, another metaphor for Torah. Your soul will delight in the World to Come-

Lean your ear -to hear My words- and come to Me -from whereever you are to learn My Torah- Listen and your souls will be filled with life -during the reviving of the dead at the time of Moshiach- and I will make an eternal covenant with you, the faithful kindness -that I promised- [of] Dovid -that the kingly reign would never leave his descendants

Behold, I have placed him as a witness over the nations, a leader and commander to the nations -a prince and ruler over them, to rebuke and direct them properly-

Behold -if you listen to Me- you will summon -to serve you- a nation you had not known and a nation that didn’t know you will run to you for the sake of Hashem, your Al-Mighty, for the Holy One of Israel -they will not run to serve you because of your might, but for My sake- Who has glorified you.