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Parshas Eikev 5770 - Yeshaya 49:14-51:3

More beautiful Haftorah verses from Yeshaya this week for Parshas Eikev

49:14 - And Zion said
-She thought that she was forgotten- ‘Hashem has forsaken me; my Lord has forgotten me.’ -Zion remembered that she had been the seat of the government of Israel and now, it’s as if the city is mourning the children that were exiled from her. The Jewish people are children, not simply inhabitants because they all come to Zion to serve Hashem-

49:15 - -It is not what you think- Would a woman forget her infant and not have mercy on the child from her womb? Although these may forget -even if there were a possibility for these women to forget- [but] I -am The Merciful One and I- would not forget you.

49:16 - Behold, I have engraved you upon My palms -I see you on My palms as if you are engraved there. I see you and constantly remember you. Your -destroyed- walls are before Me always.

49:17 - Your children will hasten -to return to you-; those who destroy and ruin you -the negligent sinners- will leave you -there will be no wickedness among you any longer. They were the reason for your destruction and desolation-

49:18 - -Hashem speaks to Zion- Raise your eyes all around and see: -how all of your children- [They] have gathered, they have come to you. By My life, says Hashem, you will be clothed with them all -glorify yourself with them- and adorn yourself like a bride -tie them upon you like a necklace to beautify yourself like a bride does before her wedding-

49:19 - Your ruins and desolate areas and your devastated lands -that you worry about, worry no longer- now will be crowded with inhabitants -that which was desolate and empty will be so full that it will be crowded- Those who would destroy you will be distanced -those who destroyed you will be sent to the edges of the earth. Destructive forces will never return to your borders.

49:20 - Again will they say in your ears -you will hear them say-, the children of your bereavement -the children whom you mourned for-, ‘This place is too crowded for me -There will be so many they will talk about how crowded things are- Move aside -make room- for me so I can settle’.

49:21 - And you will say in your heart, ‘Who has borne me these? -Where has this huge nation come from?- I have been bereaved and alone, an exile -Zion itself is like an exile with all of her children gone- and a wanderer -For so long I have been bereaved of them and alone- Who has raised these? I have been left by myself. Where are these from?’ -from where have they come and who brought them here?-

49:22 - So says Hashem, the Al-Mighty, ‘Behold I will raise My hand towards nations -a sign to gather in the exiles- and to people -less organized then nations- I will raise My banner -like a flag as a sign to gather around- and they will bring your sons wrapped in a cloth -or, in their arms- and your daughters will be lifted on -their- shoulder’.

49:23 - And kings will raise you -they will protect you as you grow- and their princesses will be your wet nurses -they will serve you- They will prostrate themselves to you and will lick the dust of your feet and -then- you will know that I am Hashem -and I have the power to accomplish all that I say- Those that hope in Me will not be ashamed -one who hopes for something that never happens feels ashamed. Those who hope in Hashem will not be ashamed.-

49: 24 - Can the loot of a warrior be taken? -You may think that it’s impossible to take back from Eisav that which he plundered- Can that which is captured from a righteous person be rescued? -Is it indeed possible to rescue from him that which he took from the righteous Yaakov?-

49:25 - But so says Hashem, even captives from a warrior and loot from mighty men can be rescued -even this is possible. Those that fight with you, I will fight with -I will take up your cause- and I Myself will save your children -from those that caused you pain.

49:26 - And I will feed those that cursed you -and said that all hope is lost for you- their own flesh -I will feed them to animals that normally eat meat or to birds of prey- and they -the birds that drink their blood- will become drunk on their blood like sweet wine and all flesh will know that I am Hashem your Savior and Redeemer -above all natural law with the ability to do anything- the Mighty One of Yaakov.

50:1 So says Hashem, ‘What is your mother’s bill of divorce by which I have sent her away? -Have I given you a get like it says by Yirmiyahu, I have given the bill of divorce? I have not cut you off completely. You were destined to return to me- Or to which of My creditors have I sold you? -Who has loaned me anything in order that I sell you to him as payment for a debt?- Behold, it is for your iniquities that you have been sold, for your rebellious sins that your mother has been sent away -and therefore through repentance your exile will be lifted. You were not sold and no money is needed to redeem you. Your sins were the cost of your sale and Teshuvah will be the money for your redemption-

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